About Us / Karate History

Karate, meaning “empty hand”, is a system of unarmed combat which originated on the island of Okinawa, to the south of Japan. It was developed in response to a ban on carrying weapons, and for many years was practised in secret. After Okinawa and the other islands in the Ryukyu kingdom became part of Japan in the late nineteenth century, the art moved into the open, and the great master Anko Itosu introduced it into high schools. In 1922 master Gichin Funakoshi, one of Itosu’s students, went to mainland Japan and demonstrated his art to great acclaim. Funakoshi’s style of karate became known asĀ Shotokan, and this is the form that we practise in our club.

We are a north London based karate club which was established in 2000. We have different locations where students from all ages are trained by a qualified instructors who have dedicated most of their lives to karate.